CVM specialises in the purchase and sale of companies in special situations, including insolvency. These situations differ from the sale / purchase of a stable company. They require not only quick and effective action, but also specific know-how to ensure a targeted, timely and efficient sale or acquisition.

We support shareholders, business owners or insolvency administrators in the sale of an entire company or parts of companies facing a crisis or from insolvency while ensuring a structured M&A process. Depending on the specific situation, we can also rely on the expertise of our parent-company ,TMC Turnaround Management Consult, which specialises in advisory services for companies in special situations (i.e., brief diagnoses, restructuring concepts, insolvency plan proceedings). In insolvency proceedings, we structure the transaction in consultation with the company and the insolvency administration as a transferring restructuring, e.g. in the form of an asset deal.

An alternative option is insolvency in self-administration and sale within the scope of an insolvency plan solution. In this case, a transferring restructuring or the insolvency plan procedure can be combined to form a so-called dual-track procedure in order to take into account all creditor interests.

GERMANY Bankruptcy League Table

Financial Advisor Number of Deals Rank Market Share
Falkensteg GmbH 19 1 12,9%
Centuros GmbH 13 2 8,8%
Concentro Management GmbH 11 3 7,5%
ACXIT Capital Partners 9 4 6,1%
CVM Capital Value Management GmbH 7 5 4,8%
Saxenhammer & Co Corporate 6 6 2,4%
KPMG 4 7 1,6
Ebner Stolz 3 8 1,0
Ernst & Young LLP 2 9 0,9
BDO 2 9 0,9
Albert & Co GmbH 2 9 0,9
Sigma Corporate Finance GmbH 2 9 0,9
Raymond James Financial Inc 1 13 0,9
IMAP 1 13 0,9
Lincoln International 1 13 0,9
Baker Tilly International 1 13 0,9
Ludwig & Co GmbH 1 13 0,9
Subtotal with Financial Advisor 81    
Subtotal without Financial Advisor 66    
Industry Total 147    

Aktuelle Referenzen

RailWatch GmbH is an innovative developer and designer of optical detection and measurement systems for (freight) rail transport. The measuring stations developed in-house use highly sensitive sensors and artificial intelligence to record technical conditions and markings of railcars and freight wagons on railway tracks as well as industrial entrances in factories and ports. After the management of RailWatch GmbH filed for insolvency with the Bonn District Court, the CVM Capital Value Management GmbH team led by Managing Partner Kai Peppmeier was exclusively mandated by the management together with lawyer Nada Nasser (KKN Rechtsanwälte) to conduct a structured M&A process.
CVM Capital Value Management GmbH has assisted the BleiStahl Group with the renewal of the existing syndicated loan agreement in the amount of € 51 million. With the available financing framework, BleiStahl will further improve the efficiency of the company and, in particular, push the transformation in the area of alternative drive technologies or application areas.