Kai Peppmeier has deftly handled a great many CFO or CRO interim positions. He is the man we rely on for interim management, rightsizing consulting, recovery management and insolvency continuation. He also proficiently guides M&A processes. For many years now, Mr. Peppmeier has been active on supervisory and advisory boards in the automobile and service provider sectors. Prior to his TMC partnership, Mr. Peppmeier dedicated many years to a nationally active, German construction company as CFO / CRO and executive manager. Before that, he worked 8 years in corporate finance at the Deutsche Bank AG.

Andreas Knaup

Graduate business administrator

T +49 30  20 62 22 06

Over the past years, Andreas Knaup has evolved into our most valuable man of action when it comes to crisis management. He has guided, as CRO and interim CEO/CFO, numerous businesses suffering operative or strategic upheaval through the turnaround. In addition, he purposefully guides M&A transactions for businesses trading in regenerative energy, IT, service providers, automotive, health care as well as in food and feed. Prior to joining TMC, he amassed many years of excellent executive experience as board chairman and CEO/CFO in international corporations (IT services, outsourcing and automotive) in Germany and abroad.

Christian Lützenrath

Christian Lützenrath has guided numerous rightsizings and recoveries. He has been an interim turnaround manager for many national and international clients, not to mention his expert skills in management guidance and planning executor in insolvency processes. Supplementing his professional commitment, Mr. Lützenrath publishes trade articles and is publisher, author and co-author for a variety of trade publications.

Claus Keller

M.B.A., solicitor

T + 49  231 84 17 48 0

Claus Keller is our man for management control and company analysis/assessment. During his many years at TMC he has guided countless businesses through rightsizing and recovery. Mr. Keller has also written, co-authored and published numerous trade articles on topics such as Bank strategies for business recoveries, Minimum requirements for recovery concepts (MaS) and Minimum requirements for insolvency settlements (MalnsO).

Jörg Schuppener is an experienced adviser and manager, with his emphasis on recovery management, strategic business development and interim management. He also expertly guides M&A processes. At TMC, he has already guided more than 200 consultancy clients and 20 M&A clients. In addition to his professional activities, Mr. Schuppener publishes countless trade articles and contributes to seven trade books as publisher, author and co-author. With over 30 years as a professional management advisor, as well as years of experience in credit, group accounts and special financing at a major German bank, Mr. Schuppener is our man of all seasons for precarious situations.

Steffen Leininger

M. Sc. Business Administration 

T + 49  231 84 17 47 0


Steffen Leininger accompanies our restructurings and M&A processes as a finance and controlling all-rounder, but is also active as an interim manager. In the automotive, metal processing, food and renewable energy industries, he has led many companies back to success through turnaround. Mr. Leininger published as author or co-author professional articles in the field of restructuring controlling & alternative financing. After completing his academic education at the University of Cologne, Mr. Leininger has been working exclusively in the field of restructuring consulting at TMC and has gone through the complete career path from consultant to partner within TMC.


Markus Bennemann

Graduate business administrator

T + 49  231 84 17 47 0


Markus Bennemann specialises in special situations in restructuring phases and distressed M&A processes. With his many years of experience in commercial and operational management functions, he regularly assumes responsibility as an interim manager in various positions for the definition of restructuring concepts and the implementation of the necessary measures. Markus Bennemann has relevant industry expertise in the energy, logistics, automotive, food and plant construction sectors. He regularly supports insolvency administrations in business continuations. He has co-authored articles on controlling and restructuring topics. After completing his academic education, he worked in management positions in the logistics industry for over ten years and joined TMC in 2010.