Company valuations

A central aspect of any corporate transaction is the determination of the company value in line with the market. Combining the results of the financial and commercial due diligence provides a solid basis for valuation, with insight on the company's prospects for success in its market environment, as well as a transparent identification of factors critical to success.

We prepare a comprehensive company valuation or review and assess already completed company valuations and takeover bids. Depending on the intention behind the company valuation, we also perform the role of a neutral expert.

We use one or more of the following procedures, depending on the occasion and purpose of the valuation, including the preparation of expert opinions (e.g. fairness opinion):

  • "Multiple" method
  • Discounted cashflow method
  • Capitalised earnings value method
  • Net asset value / liquidation value method

The quality and validity of a company valuation depends on its historical business development as well as the potential for the future development of the company. We therefore focus on a comparison of the target company's strengths and weaknesses with opportunities and risks in the context of the market and competition.