Company Acquisition

There can be various reasons for buying a company. For example, it may be a pure investment in the form of acquisition of company shares or a strategic acquisition. In these cases, we assist you in so-called buyouts (LBO / MBO / MBI) or other acquisitions. In the context of due diligence, we also advise you on all relevant issues. We examine and analyse the asset, financial and earnings situation of the target company and identify development potentials or the strategic fit with existing company activities. Hence, we support you with everything that is necessary in the search for financing possibilities as well as subsequent contract negotiations.


Definition of the acquisition strategy

Acquisition criteria

Exchange with network multipliers regarding companies for sale

Identification of potential companies (long list)

Project planning

Decision-making process

Evaluation of potential target companies with the client

Selection and prioritization of target companies (short list)

Approach and contact

Due Diligence

Signing of the confidentiality agreement by the client

Analysis of profitability factors (financial and commercial due diligence)

Business valuation and continuation planning

Cooperation with tax and legal advisors (legal due diligence)


Negotiation of the purchase contract

Signing of the purchase contract

Final transaction (closing)