Our approach

We ensure transaction success for SMEs

CVM Capital Value Management GmbH structures, accompanies and coordinates the entire M&A process in close cooperation with our clients' tax and legal advisers.

The focus of our activities lies on transactions of small and medium-sized enterprises and distressed companies.

Many years of experience, a structured process and effective project management form the basis of successful M&A transactions. Building upon a holistic analysis of the starting situation, our experienced consultants define individual solutions and implement them.

For all legal and tax questions relating to the transactions we have, if required, a competent network of lawyers, certified accountants and tax consultants at our disposal. The close cooperation with tax and legal consultants provides us with a broad information basis for all special issues and constitutes an essential basis for successful M&A transactions.

Close relationship with client

  • Regular feedback and reporting in all M&A phases
  • Flexible and targeted division of tasks
  • Final decision is left to the client

Professional negotiation support

  • Experience and knowledge of practices usual in the market
  • Greater credibility
  • Strengthened negotiating position

Strong project management

  • Development of structured M&A processes
  • Coordination of the entire process
  • Experienced project management

Adjustment to the market environment

  • Network of lawyers, certified accountants, tax consultants
  • Taking "deal breakers" in the M&A process into account

Your advantages

  • Concentration on core activities and day-to-day operations
  • Securing better terms
  • Efficient handling of the transaction