Management information systems

Business management issues increasingly prove to be more complex than expected. Executives are confronted with a growing quantity of information and data. In order to nevertheless make the correct entrepreneurial and operational decisions in a fiercely competitive environment, an up-to-date supply of information optimally aligned to a decision-making situation is necessary.

Management information systems (MIS)

  • filter, adjust and centralise available information
  • evaluate it by means of targeted analyses and
  • place the results at the disposal of the managerial staff in the form of reasonable reports

Together with our clients we develop an individual company solution for setting up a management information system aligned to the strategy and to the central decision-making processes within the company.

The advantages of a management information system are:

  • improvement of entrepreneurial and operational decisions
  • assistance in terms of the identification of opportunities and risks for the company
  • assistance with regards to the business plan
  • countering of faulty developments by means of up-to-date target/performance variances
  • assistance with the analysis of variance and appropriate definition of measures to be taken
  • continuous comparison of performance variables and ratios

Particularly in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, the use of management information systems necessitates economic efficiency. Costs and benefits must be in a balanced relationship. We therefore focus on setting up an information system tailored to the company's requirements.