Distressed M&A

In times of corporate crises, when challenged with finding a way to retain a viable core business, selling either parts or the whole of the struggling company often proves to be the means of choice. This is especially true for companies under insolvency administration.

To cope with this restrictive situation and to ensure continuing operations, preventing the loss of jobs and serving the creditors involved, specific know-how and access to a network of distressed debt and equity investors is indispensable.

Bringing our experience to the table, CVM Capital Value Management GmbH has both the tools and the contacts needed for the successful completion of distressed M&A projects.

In restructuring or insolvency situations, our expertise brings you the following benefits:

  • Support in continuing operations and sale by the same team
  • Bypassing duplicate work and interface problems – be it data processing, setting up and maintaining a data room or data communication with potential investors
  • Improved efficiency and minimised cost of the settlement process
  • Development of investment solutions, with our restructuring and bankruptcy expertise enabling us to consider all options of the insolvency proceedings
  • Increased sales or anticipated asset value